Privacy Policy

We collect your personal information to improve your service, protect and improve our website visitor experience. We make every effort to handle with care and protect your personal data. We comply with all laws on the protection of user information.

What information do we see?

When registering on the site, you indicate your name, email address or phone number for verification. You may be asked for certain data to send messages or perform certain actions. We may store the user’s IP address, website usage and location data to facilitate subsequent page loading.

We may need age information because some laws restrict the provision of services to people under the age of 18. When processing transactions, making payments or withdrawing funds, you may need information about your bank card or user data of electronic money systems.

When do we receive information?

You leave the basic information when you register. If you subscribe to receive news, we ask you to leave your email address. Some of the information is provided when requesting support from the technical service. We sometimes conduct surveys to clarify your interests. We sometimes use trusted third-party technical services that track various information for us.

The collection of information about viewing the pages of the site is ongoing. However, this does not apply to your personal data. They are stored only with the consent of the user and you can always check your data, submit a request for their deletion or change.


Our website, all of its sections, as well as applications that we offer to our users, available services and products comply with the Privacy Policy set out on this page. We acknowledge that all products and services that do not have a separate privacy policy, but also belong to our company, also apply this Policy. The purpose of the Policy presented here is to inform you about the procedures for collecting, processing and analyzing data. In addition, this privacy policy aims to explain which third parties may obtain your personal information, what rights you have in relation to our actions and any other sensitive data related to privacy and security.

How do we use the information we receive?

Our main goal is to provide the best service and user safety. We store, but do not transmit user information:

  • game statistics are used to personalize product offerings;
  • the address is required for sending notifications and newsletters;
  • data about visits and page views allows us to provide you with content and tools in which you are more interested.

Part of the data is necessary to ensure the ability to use your personal account and restore access if you have lost your password. We also screen ads based on your interests.

Participation in closed forums, chats or discussions may require information to register a user and provide him with access to a restricted area of ​​the site. Some information is required to fulfill a number of legal obligations.

Responsibility for the storage of your personal data

Our company is primarily responsible for maintaining the personal data of website users. Also, part of the responsibility falls on a number of third-party organizations in the manner prescribed by law and the framework of legal, tax and financial responsibility.

Some of the information about the user’s interaction with the site is stored in databases that can be accessed by third parties. All parties who are able to view your personal information comply with the requirements of the law on the retention of personal information and the standards laid down in the Privacy & Policy.

Information security basics

Our company strictly adheres to the provisions of the Privacy & Policy, as well as legal requirements for the practice of obtaining, storing and protecting the personal data of users. We use a variety of electronic, physical and human resources mechanisms to maintain data security. Your personal information is protected from loss, illegal distribution, theft, unauthorized use or unauthorized alteration.

Remember that part of the responsibility for the safety of your data lies with you. Do not give your password to anyone. In addition to authorized persons, your information may be viewed by persons who circumvent privacy settings in a criminal way. Do not allow the dissemination of your data, use a secure connection, do not save the password to automatically enter your personal account when using the site through public networks — in a cafe, on transport.

We regularly scan the site architecture for malware. We store the collected data on secure networks. Only persons with special rights can access the data. They are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of information. We use the latest data encryption technologies.

Who can access your personal information?

For the functioning of our site, it is necessary to ensure competent cooperation with third parties. They help us deliver services, conduct business, and organize management and reporting. Some of these third parties have the right to require your data to be provided in a number of circumstances:

  • Service providers — to fulfill your orders on our behalf, customer service, business analysis, marketing assistance. Your name and contact information may be required to participate in contests, surveys, sweepstakes, prize draws.
  • To process card payments or make online payments in electronic currencies. Financial service providers have the right to access your information and receive your consent to do so. However, they are prohibited from distributing and using this information for other purposes.
  • Marketing services receive information to communicate and provide you with advertising information. You can opt-out of receiving such communications. To do this, you need to follow the link in the letter or turn off the mailing list in the Personal Account on our website.
  • User data can be obtained by branches and branches of our company that provide a number of services. Data transfer is controlled by agreements and company policies.

There are a number of situations in which we are required to provide your personal information to a third party. These are, first of all, the requirements of the representatives of the law. Consumer Rights Protection Situations. Suppression of possible fraud against the user by third parties or organizations. As part of the investigation or suppression of illegal activities. To protect the property, interests and rights of our company and its employees.

The transfer of information is possible within the framework of business processes, in case of bankruptcy, transfer of rights, acquisition of a company or part of its assets by another legal entity. The transfer of data from users of the site is limited by laws on the protection of personal information, court orders, and the Privacy Policy of our site. Users are given the opportunity to refuse to provide, transfer and disclose information. This significantly limits the use of the site.

Changing or deleting personal information

Every registered user of the site has the ability to view their personal information by logging into our site. You can change, supplement, delete or easily export your data. The site settings provide the ability to unsubscribe from news, advertising notifications, mailing lists.

Each user can delete their account and associated information. This can be done manually or by sending a request to the technical support of the site. The data will be completely deleted and will not be distributed. However, this process takes some time. The data storage period is determined by the tax and financial reporting policy.

Personal information is immediately removed from active databases:

  • account data;
  • login;
  • password;
  • information about gender and age;
  • browsing history;
  • data on completed transactions.

Information is stored in the company’s files for some time to prevent fraudulent actions against users or our company, illegal use of the content, troubleshoot problems, and assist in official investigations. We also store a history of information changes, which allows us to suppress and investigate attempts to fraud with your account.

Information about the age of users

Most countries restrict access to gambling for minors. The age limit may vary. We rely on the lowest possible threshold. You voluntarily confirm that you have reached the required age. The site does not require documentary evidence. In the event that deception is revealed, we are obliged to take action and close access to minors. This is not only a rule of the site, but also a requirement of the law.

Important: The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) protects those under the age of 13.

When entering the site, a window pops up in front of the user asking if he or she is 13 years old. You need to answer yes or no. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information. You can browse the site, but if you are under the age of 13, many of the site’s features and pages will not be available to you. In addition, Internet companies are not entitled to collect, process and store personal information of those who have not reached the age of majority.

Our company adheres to the restriction on the storage and processing of information of all persons under the age of 13. The exceptions are cases provided for by law. Each user himself tells us information about his age. If we learn that this information has been distorted, then all data collected from such a user will be deleted. The account will be closed, registration data erased, access denied.

If you receive information that children are using our site, please inform our support team immediately. Each of us has a responsibility to remember and make efforts to protect children from information vulnerabilities.

Changes to the privacy policy

Our company complies with the privacy policy, Site rules, international laws, online legislation. Changes and additions may be made to the laws concerning the activities of companies on the Internet. This happens with the emergence of new financial instruments, changes in the legislation of individual countries, the adoption of new rules for international communication.

Given these circumstances, our company reserves the right, at its discretion, to periodically change this Privacy Policy. Site users will be immediately notified of the changes that have occurred. A notice of the change in the Privacy Policy will be posted on this page with an indication of the effective date of the new rules.

The current version of the Privacy Policy applies to all users and the data we collect about you, your account and the actions you take on the site. All exceptions must be individually notified. We recommend that you regularly check the validity of the rules known to you and review this page in order to be aware of changes in the Privacy Policy in time.

Our company guarantees you to publish messages on any changes on the site in time. If you are subscribed to the newsletter of the site, you can receive these messages in your personal account or by email. Remember to read the service notices carefully. Do not forget to update your email address in the settings of your personal account if you have changed it.

Do we use «cookies»?

Yes, we use cookies. The site has a pop-up notification about this. You can give your consent. If you do not do this and continue to remain on the page, this will mean automatic consent to the recording of cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a pixel-like technology. This is a small file of information that will be saved on your PC or laptop when you visit the site. This will speed up further loading of previously viewed pages. The site «remembers» the settings, actions, login, selected language, and some other parameters set by the user. The data is stored for a certain period of time. They will be automatically deleted later.

Why are cookies needed?

Cookie data is collected based on your actions on the site. They help the program remember your choices in various situations in order to understand your preferences. The analysis is carried out based on your activity — clicks to pages, viewing or disabling ads. This helps us to offer each user improved services, remove unnecessary information, and report interesting promotions.

Our company also uses cookies in order to aggregate data about site traffic, duration of page views, targeted user actions. All this information helps us to improve our site, find and fix errors, improve tools for working with the site.

You can disable cookies

Each user receives a message about the cookie collection policy. You can:

  • to express your consent to the storage of cookies and not to return to this question;
  • choose to have your computer warn you every time a cookie is sent;
  • disable cookies completely.

If cookies are disabled in the browser settings on your computer, loading may be slow. Some functions of the site may be disabled. You can find out or change the settings in the «Help» menu of your browser. Most of the pages can be viewed without cookies, but this will be less convenient and secure.

Processing based on consent

During the registration process on the site, you will have to give us your consent to the processing of your personal information. Otherwise, you will not be able to register. You will be able to view the site, but many functions will not be active. You will need personal information to use the functions of the Personal Account.

Important: We store and use the personal information of site users in accordance with this agreement. You have the right to revoke your consent to data processing at any time.

In the event that we ask you to provide your first name, last name, age or other data, you reserve the right to refuse the site or a third party to provide your data. However, if you refuse to provide the requested information, we will not be able to provide you with our services.

The site has a consent form with the Privacy Policy. Also, by reading these Rules, you thereby express your consent that you understand the Privacy Rules of our website and consent to the collection, storage and analysis of your personal information in accordance with the Rules. In the event that something in the above provisions does not suit you, and you do not agree with our privacy policy, you should stop using our site.

We are ready to do everything necessary to ensure the comfort and safety of our users. We collect your data only in order to comply with legal requirements and to make the use of our website interesting, convenient and secure.