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True Fortune Casino

  • Multilingual version of the site
  • Original design and clear interface
  • Diversity on the banking page
  • Cryptocurrency support
  • A unique collection of games
  • Sufficient information on many issues
  • A slightly limited selection of games
  • A few offers in the Bonus section

True Fortune, is relatively new in the gambling and casino market. Let's delve into the True Fortune Casino review, which covers its functionality, pros and cons, bonus programs, and more.

What is True Fortune Casino?

Let's talk briefly about the casino. Like any casino, the True Fortune Casino attracts a lot of people, not only in the possibility that something to win a monetary prize, but in the excitement and the very interesting and intense atmosphere of the casino. Casino refers to gambling. Previously, to play in the casino and not only need to get out of the house, now you can do it at home, with a cup of coffee or tea, plus all in such a wonderful atmosphere, and even earn, the True Fortune online casino is one of them.

General Info about True Fortune Casino

2019 was the founding and birth of True Fortune Casino. True Fortune is an online casino owned and operated by a registered corporation that is licensed and regulated by the Curacao government. The casino operates in countries such as Austria, Canada, Malta, Ireland, Argentina, France, Gibraltar, and Monaco. Ultimately, our security measures and high level of customer service ensure that we can provide our players with the best possible service.

True Fortune login

True Fortune Casino Mobile App

The True Fortune app is fully adapted to the gameplay and makes it even more interesting and exciting. Among the advantages of the True Fortune casino mobile application, there are many interesting and useful advantages versatility, high speed of the application itself loading and unloading, the ability to play just anywhere from absolutely anywhere, from any device and any system, the ability to log in with an existing True Fortune casino login.

In addition, playing slot machines for money from the phone is, in many cases, much more convenient. So mobile casino allows you to play any available machines. In this case, you can get bonuses, to participate in the drawing of prizes. Thus, the mobile casino and mobile version are not inferior to the standard browser version of the site, and in some cases, surpass it. Now it is easier to play for money from a mobile account because you do not need to use a bank card to make a deposit.

Play casino from your phone for free or make a deposit and play for money safely – thanks to a secure protocol, which was invented by programmers, data transfer, payment data, and other information is safely encrypted. True Fortune payout can be carried out on any e-wallet, bank card, or phone account. Hacking of an account and interception of money by attackers, thanks to special encryption methods are completely excluded.

How to sign in at True Fortune Casino?

Registration is simple, you could say quick. You need to connect to the Internet and start the casino software. The first time you run the casino you have to choose whether to play for fun (free) or for real money, which means you can try all the True Fortune products for free before you start playing directly for money.

After that, the registration screen will appear. Fill in all the necessary information requested and press “Register”. After registering you will be redirected to the login screen. The casino remembers your username and, if necessary, remembers your password, so you don’t have to enter them every time. Click on “Login” to start playing
True Fortune Casino
Of course, if you choose to play for money then you’ll first need to make a deposit which will bring you lots of nice bonuses. After replenishing your account you can fully relax and start enjoying True Fortune Casino real money games.


True Fortune Casino has these perks:

  • very cool bonus program and first deposit system, certainly not check out from the start give such a cool bonus, in cash equivalent
  • the convenient and pleasant interface of the browser version of the site
  • a large variety of casinos and online games
  • availability of a very functional True Fortune casino app for any operating system
  • all relevant licenses and contracts for gambling
  • work with cryptocurrency, and many ways to deposit and withdraw money
  • instant withdrawal

Another one of the main pluses of course the free version, the game is not for money, so to speak, just for fun, it’s a very cool feature especially for beginners to try everything and learn how to do everything right, get acquainted with the functionality of games and the casino in general.


There are, of course, minuses as in any casino:

  • the main disadvantage is probably that the company does not work in many countries;
  • the small target audience;
  • a small variation of interface languages.

Casino Software Providers

The company uses the services of four suppliers:

  1. One of the main developers of BetSoft, a developer of online casino games, both for mobile versions of games and for PC;
  2. RTG is one of the developers of software, games, table and card games, RTG games are very popular around the world;
  3. Shuffle Master is a developer of online games both for phones and PC, Shuffle Master is one of the main providers of online games for real money. The best casinos in the world choose Shuffle Master;
  4. Xpg is a company that specializes in software and transferring games from the demo versions to the main versions, where people already play for money.

Banking options

True-Fortune Casino boasts an SSL connection using 128-bit encryption to secure your online transactions – deposits and withdrawals. This encryption represents the best protection currently available, as it is also used by banks and other financial institutions. With this protection, you are guaranteed to be able to start using unique game combinations for every day in a correct and timely manner. Just try different variants and get income on a regular basis.

A unique feature of the gameplay is the ability to deposit your account at any time and use a large number of True Fortune banking methods. Cryptocurrency stands out most prominently, which is ideal for receiving large sums of money directly to your casino deposit. Mainly this option will suit those who want to increase their balance without restrictions on the maximum amount. However, do not forget about the withdrawal limits, which in any case are saved for the account.

It is this option of the correct use of various payment systems and bank transactions that can be called correct in the casino. The user in any case should in time and without unnecessary problems get the money directly to his balance in the gaming establishment. Take advantage of this opportunity right now.


There are several types of True Fortune Casino customer support:

  • technical support through chat, using the chat you can instantly get in touch with a casino operator who will help quickly solve any of your problems;
  • support through the mail;
  • 24/7 cell phones.


Is True Fortune Casino safe? Yes, all data is strictly confidential. It should be noted that the data should be specified correctly to avoid unpleasant cases. Following these simple conditions, you can easily and quietly enjoy the game at one of the best casinos.


True-Fortune Casino is regulated by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is the first European online casino. A gaming license for casino software is issued by the electronic gaming licensing center of Curacao and is a guarantee of professionalism. The games on this site are safe, honest, and reliable.


Today there are more than 120 games available on the True Fortune gaming site. All of these games are based on themes that are visually appealing and designed to capture the attention of all players. All games are designed with appropriate inspiring soundtracks to create a vibrant and seductive atmosphere and help you hit the jackpot.


When depositing into the casino, the player must use his or her card or account. This means that any credit card, debit card or e-wallet used to deposit funds must be registered to the name of the player’s casino account (with the same first and last name). This information will be checked at the time of withdrawal, by our security service.

If the check finds that the name used in the player’s casino account does not match the name in the payment method used to make the deposit, withdrawal requests will be canceled and the player’s account will be closed. No exceptions are allowed to maintain a high level of security in the casino.


The company is always happy when its players get a chance to withdraw their winnings. True Fortune believes that it is in the best interest of the casino to make this process as easy as possible. As everywhere else, a passport is required for identification. Only after verification of the document you can safely make a payout.


Many people who want to immerse themselves in the world of online casinos are afraid to deposit money into their online casino accounts. New and inexperienced players often wonder what options are available to them, whether they can share their financial history with an online casino, and whether they need to pay attention to anything or not when making deposits. The good news is that depositing at an online casino is not much different than paying at a regular store, only an online store where you have had to deal with.

Mobile Casino

Slot machines in the mobile version, now compete with their counterparts when it comes to acceleration, graphics, and some game functions. They are bigger and better than they were before.

Thanks to mobile casinos online and the app on your phone, you can download the gameplay in seconds and get great gaming results. You can win during your lunch break, between meetings, or even before your date with your girlfriend or boyfriend. To play your favorite mobile slot machines for real money or just for fun, you need to join a mobile casino. Most online casinos that run on a PC or phone will also offer robust mobile casinos for iPhone and Android devices.

True Fortune Casino Games

According to True Fortune Casino reviews, it is widely regarded as one of the most popular sites in the world.

The casino has more than 120 online games, where just every connoisseur of this business, will find his own. All of the most popular varieties of online gambling are at the True Fortune Casino.

True Fortune games


Lottery, I think you know, is synonymous with luck, that is, no skills, experience, you will not help, the game is pure luck. The lottery is the grail of the gaming industry, from the fact that lottery tickets are sold in small supermarkets in small departments of gambling, ending with online lotteries in casinos. Lotteries are often held in casinos, they have the biggest winnings and the easiest conditions.

The lotteries at True Fortune have an unlimited number of tickets per participant, meaning the more tickets you buy, the better your chances are of being the lucky one who gets the mountain of money. Plus, lottery tickets are automatically assigned for deposits, which means you can’t choose a number or anything, it all works automatically.

So, you get a chance to just take a cool prize and present yourself as the chosen one among thousands or even millions of other casino players.


The difference is that by betting on sports you bet on real matches in different parts of the world, ranging from who will win to whether a certain player will score, whether someone can hit the gate 10 times, or how many NBA players will make dunks for the match.

The main difference between slots and sports betting is probably the human factor, a mistake, in the case of slots, everything happens randomly, automatically, but in sports, it all depends on the player professionally, his mood, shape, or even from his banal error, which can make you a millionaire, or make you lose your lunch.

Unfortunately, or maybe luckily, no sports are betting at True Fortune Casino, we only work with slots and only enjoy slots.


Some players call this game blackjack, and some call it 21. Whatever you call it, learning how to play this game is the key to having fun and winning at the casino.

Blackjack probably originated in France in the late 18th century, when it was still called vingt-et-un, which translates to “21.” But it became a popular casino game after Edward O. Thorpe described his concept, if I may say so, or blackjack winning strategy in his 1963 bestselling book, “Beat the Dealer. What is the ultimate goal of the game and how to go all the way. Largely due to this book, blackjack became not just a means of entertainment and time-wasting, but also a way to make money, as many players are now able to outplay the dealer and succeed by simply counting cards.

Video Poker

The symbols on the reels of video poker are the usual images of playing cards from a simple playing deck. The reel spins, and when it stops, the cards on it are laid out in random combinations based on the principle of random numbers. But here, too, there are differences from the slot machines.

Their essence is that in slot machines, the winning combination is formed from identical symbols, any fruit, pictures, and so on, and in video poker, the basis of the winning combination, is taken from the poker itself, that is cards, numbers on the cards, suits and so on.

Online Slots

The most popular category of virtual gambling today is video slots, a lot of real fans of risk and gambling prefer them, and it is in the casino True Fortune. Slots are quite simple in structure, this is a regular slot machine in which the usual mechanism rotates the drums in the right direction, and a scoreboard that shows the combination of symbols that brings the winnings.

As a result of the game, the player gets a big chance to get a sum of money, several times higher than the initial bet.

Table Games

Among the most popular table games at True Fortune Casino, there are all of them, such as:

  • poker;
  • baccarat;
  • blackjack;
  • and, of course, everyone’s favorite roulette.

Blackjack is said to be the most popular table card game in the world. The combination of elements of luck and some strategy makes it so popular that there is probably not a person in the world who hasn’t tried to play this game, maybe not necessarily in a casino, but with friends in the yard.

That said, many players from eastern countries prefer the game of baccarat, which is less popular in European countries.
True Fortune Casino slots
Table games have several advantages. First of all, in table games, the casino does not have such a big advantage as in automatons, and thus, with a good strategy, good skills, and experience in this game, there is a big chance to win money, comparing, let’s say, with slot machines.

Jackpot Games

As with any casino, any gambling game at True Fortune has games that have decent jackpots. The prizes in the games are colossal amounts of money that can change your life completely, but of course, to win such a sum is unlikely, but if you are “lucky in life”, I think you should try to take your luck by the tail.

Other Games

The slot machines are undoubtedly considered an oasis in the casino, it’s the most important and interesting thing perhaps, the instant bets and the same instant results, but other games are a little less popular, such as Bingo, Keno (which may remember you can watch even on TV in online mode on one of the channels, it took a couple of minutes to air, and satisfied people who bought a lottery ticket to include the channel for 5 minutes to see the winning combination of numbers for that day) and many others like that

This industry is growing very strongly and there are more and more games and it is expanding very rapidly, the number of varieties of games only multiplies arithmetically.


For the first deposit in the casino, there are two wonderful bonus programs.

  1. The first deposit from the card gives a bonus of 333% of the amount deposited;
  2. If you deposit with Bitcoin cryptocurrency your welcome bonus will be as much as 555%.

What could be more awesome?!

True Fortune promotions


Replenishment can be done in any way convenient for you, such as:

  • any bank cards Visa, MasterCard;
  • Direct Bank Transfer payment systems;
  • EcoPayz;
  • Neteller;
  • Neosurf;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Skrill;
  • Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Neteller is a regular e-wallet that you can use to request withdrawals or deposits to True-Fortune Casino. It is considered a great payment solution because it is used by hundreds of thousands of players. The reason it is so popular is simply that it offers various benefits. For example, not only are your transactions transferred securely, but the speed is close to instantaneous. When thinking about how to withdraw or enter money into a casino, it’s worth considering this option carefully.

Skrill is another one of the popular e-wallets you might have come across before, but perhaps under its other name (the old one), Moneybookers. The best quality that this payment method offers is that there is no need to provide any financial details, passports, code, and so on. To arrange a withdrawal, all you have to do is fill in your email address in the appropriate section. Payouts as in the previous option occur instantly.

Before you can play for real money, you have to make a deposit. The minimum amount is 25 casino chips.


Undoubtedly, a very important part of your gambling is being able to withdraw your winnings without commissions to your card whenever you want to. When it comes to the True Fortune Casino withdrawal time, beginners may encounter problems; however, in most cases, it is very easy and can be done within a few minutes.

Top 3 True Fortune Casino Withdrawal Options

Bitcoin 100 dollars up to 24 hours
Neteller 100 dollars up to 24 hours
Skrill 100 dollars up to 24 hours

While yes, it is true that any online casino has its withdrawal policy, and our casino is no exception, the actual process of cashing out your winnings is almost the same. In general, making a withdrawal request after your winnings is pretty simple and easy. The actual process depends on the payment method as the withdrawal is made to the card or wallet from which you made a deposit.

For example, you will not be able to withdraw money with a credit or debit card, say Visa, if your last deposit was made with Bitcoin cryptocurrency and vice versa. This security measure was introduced to prevent possible money laundering or other devious activities or even the same fraud.

Тerms and Conditions

By becoming a member of the casino, you fully agree to comply with all the rules and regulations stated on the casino website.

The age of players at the casino must be strictly older than 18 years.

By creating an account and becoming a player at the casino, you warrant the authenticity and accuracy of all information that you have provided to the website. If it is determined that any information provided by the player is false, the casino reserves the right to suspend the account or even block the account, until the information is verified.

When betting in the casino, the player must understand that it is a voluntary decision and participation in this project is equal to gambling. Participation can cause losses of money and under no circumstances casinos are not responsible for losses or property damage.

The use of electronic, mechanized, robotic devices for use in games is completely prohibited. If this rule is violated, measures will be taken to prohibit the player to participate in games, promotions, and confiscation of net winnings.

Bingo Fest Casino Support

Bingo Fest is considered to be one of the most popular bingo sites in the world, at least most people who understand this philosophy think so.

There are various reasons why Bingo Fest is one of the best bingo sites in the world.

Bingo Fest first opened its doors in 2003. Essentially, this means that the bingo site has been established and operating for a very long time, long enough to have earned a reputation and excellent review as a gaming site.

First and foremost, Bingo Fest focuses on rolling out bingo games to multiple players. However, to meet the needs of other players who don’t like bingo games, the casino now offers a limited number of slot machines, as well as table and card games.

Although this bingo site accepts players from most parts of the world, it cannot, however, accept players from the following regions (because of the current license it holds): all of Africa, Ireland, Iceland, Hong Kong, Germany, Greece, France, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Austria, and Australia. Players should be aware that we have not exhausted all of the countries on the list of Bingo Fest restricted territories, to see the full list, players can visit the site’s Terms and Conditions page.

Players wishing to begin their gaming adventure at Bingo Fest can do so in English only.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is about rules and principles, the essence of which is to keep yourself in check when you are gambling. This includes setting limits on how much you can afford to bet and how much time you spend on gambling, as well as being fully aware of the risks of wagering, and the risks of gambling addiction. So why is it so important to gamble responsibly?
True Fortune Casino game
For one thing, it will help you avoid getting into debt and spending more money than you can afford to lose in one place or another. It will also help keep your personal information and payment information safe, and it may even protect you from becoming a victim of a gambling crime.

In short, responsible gambling is important because it helps keep you financially and morally safe. While most participants play for fun and entertainment, some players develop an addiction to online gambling. Losing a significant amount of money through gambling can lead to various problems in all major areas of life.

True-Fortune takes this issue very seriously and has therefore taken the following steps to help deal with addiction: Professional employees are trained to identify gambling addiction and underage gambling.

When detected, appropriate action is taken. A self-exclusion program that makes it easy to request cancellation of membership. Shortly after receiving the request, the company will block the member’s account. Allowing the member to set their deposit amount limit. Removing the member from the email list upon written request.

License Information

All materials presented to the player in audio and visual form are intended for personal use only and remain the property of the company. The player can not acquire rights to the licensed materials or their part except for the right to use them with the license agreement.

True Fortune Casino FAQs

Do I have a chance of winning? Winning at the casino is more real. Do not believe and trust those people who say the opposite, that it is a myth. Most likely, they have not even once played, not even tried the slot machines on the Internet. Judge for yourself, if the online casino did not bring the possibility of raising the bank, would the number of players would be measured in hundreds of thousands? Another thing is the process of the game. It hides the main nuances, which then generate rumors and negative feedback about this kind of gambling.
Is True Fortune Casino legit and safe for online gambling? A casino owned and operated by a registered corporation that is licensed and regulated by the Curacao government.
Can I play in crypto? Today there is probably no one who has not heard at least once about cryptocurrency. This is a modern means of payment, which is widely used all over the world and it is possible to make transactions for many products. Given such popularity, today cryptocurrencies, along with fiat, regular currency, are widely used in the gambling sphere, as well as many other online casinos, True Fortune is no exception, you can deposit in Bitcoin, bet in it, win and of course, withdraw their winnings in cryptocurrency. Playing in the casino for cryptocurrency is completely safe, with no risk, your deposited money is only yours, and if you increase the deposit, you can safely withdraw it to your crypto wallet.
What is the True Fortune cash out time? Depending on the selected payment method, the withdrawal time can take up to 24 hours.
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